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The Minnesota Link - Newsletter for all MN Chapters
**Please read the instructions before downloading the newsletter**

**The file is a PDF file that can be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Adobe Reader is available free from
**PASSWORD PROTECTED:  The file is password protected. Each time you open the file, a dialogue box  will appear and ask you  for a password. You must type in the correct password for the file to open.  The password will change for each newsletter. This first newsletter will be sent to everyone on the WOW MN E-mail list. Only those members who have paid their newsletter dues will receive newsletters in the future. Be sure to get your subscriptions mailed in so you won't miss the next issue. The funds generated by the newsletter fee are very important to help finance the production and distribution of the newsletter. Without these fees we would not be able to produce the newsletter, so please mail in your subscription as soon as possible. The last page of the attached newsletter contains a subscription form for your convenience.

November/December 2004

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Additional Instructions for Downloading the Newsletter:

1.  When you click on one of the above links, you will either be asked to download the file to your hard drive, or the file may open up on the web (depending on your software).

2.  You will be asked for a password before the file will open.  This password is sent to you via email for each issue of the newsletter.

3.  Remember this password as you will be asked for it each time  you open the file. Or  - after you download the file to your hard drive, re-save the file and remove the password.

4.  If you are having further problems, please contact LuAnn by email:  Please include a phone number where you can be contacted in the evening.